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We make unique patches that maintain their adhesive properties even on wet surfaces. The patches can be used to deliver transdermaly a plurality of drugs. Our first product will be used for the treatment of skin cancer, and in particular for the delivery of the 5-ALA compound, used in photodynamic therapy of the disease.




Skin Cancer Photodynamic Treatment Patch




Self-treatment on Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer







Our first product will be used for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer, specifically for the delivery of the 5-ALA compound, which is employed in photodynamic therapy to cure the disease.

5-ALA patches have been used in clinical trials on actinic keratosis and BCC lesions with impressive results. The high and localized concentration of the drug, in combination with the better delivery into skin compared to cream formulas, means that larger and deeper tumors can be treated. After the patch is applied, patients can go around doing other activities as they like;  then return to the clinic after a couple of hours, remove the patch and perform the photodynamic treatment. Our approach makes the process immensely more efficient, increasing greatly throughput at the clinics, as well as increases the quality of treatment.



Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a well researched technique used to treat carcinomas. This technique is used by applying a photosensitizer on the area to be treated. This substance has certain properties that it accumulates in the cancerous cells and not in the nearby healthy cells. In our method the photosensitizing substance is 5-Aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) and is used for the treatment of for treatment of actinic keratosis and superficial skin tumors (BCC, SCC) as well as other, related, neoplasia.

Photosensitizers in general are applied in a variety of ways, through injection, through external application (rubbing of the substance on the carcinoma), or in our case through a patch. We allow the photosensitizer a couple of hours to work (ours is about an hour and a half) and accumulate in the carcinoma. When this time is lapsed we illuminate the carcinoma with a light source (we use 635 nm) and this radiation in combination with the photosensitizer kills the cancerous cells.



Our second product will be used for the self-treatment on non-melanoma skin cancer using controlled doses of Imiquimod delivered by the patch. Imiquimod is a prescription medication that acts as an immune response modifier and is used for the treatment of superficial basal cell carcinoma and actinic keratosis. For the actinic keratosis treatment, patches are applied once a day, 2 days a week. For the superficial basal cell carcinoma treatment, patches are applied once a day for 5 days a week. The Imiquimod patch should be left on the skin for approximately 8 hours.

After the Imiquimod patch is applied, patients can perform other activities. The patch protects the area which is treated, while supplying  the pharmaceutical compound in correct dosing.



Management Team

Dr. Dimitri Papaioannou, CEO
Dimitri is the CEO of Santium Pharma; he is also a Venture Partner at Eicorn, a venture creation, entrepreneurship and innovation consulting firm in Sweden and Managing Director of Exelon Partners, and has 20 years of experience in various positions in technology companies. Dimitri is holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Virginia and an M.B.A. from Cornell University.


Dr. Leif Eriksson, COO
Professor of physical chemistry at University of Gothenburg, Sweden, since 2011 and COO at Santium Pharma. Following a chemistry BSc degree from Stockholm University 1988, he received his PhD in quantum chemistry at Uppsala University in 1992, and has since then held senior academic posts at several universities. He has published over 250 peer reviewed research papers, >20 book chapters, and has ~7000 citations and 2 patents.


Dr. Paul McCarron, Director of R&D
Professor Paul A. McCarron holds a Chair in Pharmaceutics and is Head of School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ulster University. Following an academic career in Queen’s University, he was appointed in 2008 to lead the formation and accreditation of a new School of Pharmacy at the University and now enjoys a top rating in national league tables (Pharmacy and Pharmacology).


Dr. Ryan Donnelly, Director of Special Projects
Dr. Ryan Donnelly holds the Chair in Pharmaceutical Technology in the School of Pharmacy at Queen’s University Belfast. His research is centered on design and physicochemical characterization of advanced polymeric drug delivery systems for transdermal and topical drug delivery, with a strong emphasis on improving patient outcomes. He has authored over 300 peer-reviewed publications, including 4 patent applications, 5 textbooks, 23 book chapters and approximately 160 full papers.


Board Members


Björn Strandwitz, Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder
Björn is an experienced serial entrepreneur, with more than 20 years of experience within Biotechnology. Björn also has big experience within the field start up companies, technology transfer and worldwide marketing.


Jan-Erik Rosenberg, Board Member and Co-Founder
Jan-Erik has a Master in Chemical Engineering, a PhD in polymer chemistry and research qualifications (post-doc) in the field of polymer processing and holds several board positions. He also has successfully been a part of a team that has achieved different exit opportunities for several of the companies that he has been involved with.


Per Palmqvist Modin, Board Member
Per has a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics, University of Uppsala. Per has extensive CFO and M&A experience from his work in several international medium to large-cap companies. Per also has extensive board experience. Per was 2009-2014 CEO at Nexam Chemical AB, a company that went from a development to an established listed company over just a few years. Per has also 2015 taken another company the Nasdaq First North, Stockholm.


Linus Bille, Board Member
Linus is an experienced and well educated entrepreneur with a complementary deep understanding of the big corporate context. He has founded, invested in and managed a handful of companies, headed the Web & Mobile business area at HiQ Göteborg, and in 2015 he finished Executive MBA studies at the University of Oxford with overall Distinction grades and the Dean’s Commendation.